Monthly Archives: May 2014

Alpha Weekend Away Last month, we took our students up into the mountains for our Alpha "Weekend Away".  It was a fantastic time, as we explored the topic of the Holy Spirit.  Many of our students continue to explore the meaning of life. After returning, we concluded our Alpha course a couple of weeks later, and our students returned to their country for the summer.  When they come back in September, we will continue to have meetings with them.     Earthquakes
On May 6th, we experienced.
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As you most likely know by now, recently, the Thai military declared martial law, temporary suspending the Thai constitution.  Two days later, General Prayuth Chan-ocha took control of the country, bringing over 100 political leaders into an army base in Bangkok to be detained. This is the result of several months of tensions between rival political parties.  There were many demonstrations, especially in Bangkok, with some turning violent, and a few people being killed.  In short, the Prime Minister was recently judged to have abused her.
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