Q?What is your church covering?

We are “sent” missionaries from Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle in Smithtown, New York.

Q?How long will you remain in Thailand

We believe that long-term (5+ years) missions is the most effective way to reach a culture.  We are always listening for the guidance of the Holy Spirit, and you can never tell what God may call you to do in the future, but we have no set plans to leave Thailand and will remain here until God tells us it is time to move on.  We absolutely love it here and would like to say, “forever”, but that is not our call to make.

Q?When will you visit the United States?

Generally, we plan to take a couple months off every two years to visit with friends, family and partnering churches.  These have always been refreshing times for us as a family, and allow the grandparents to see the kids.  It’s also great to connect with those who have partnered with us financially and in prayer.

Our scheduled trips are currently set for 2015 and 2017.

Q?Can you receive teams from churches and visitors?

Our current ministries are not really suited to receive teams, however, there are many ministries here who receive teams, and are better equipped to make sure short-term teams make a lasting impact.

We do believe that short-term trips can be very beneficial for those who take them, as well as the people who are ministered to, so if you would like to bring a team to Chiang Rai, we would be glad to work with you and set you up with the ministries that would best suite your team, so the answer is, “Yes!”