1 wrecked motorcycle, 4 stitches, 9 prayers and 4 years

Wow!  It’s mid-October already.  I think this is the season that we miss most from the United States.  The cooling weather and falling leaves… not to mention football!  We also have a bit of a cooling during this time of year in Thailand, though it has hit the 90’s this week as well.

1 Motorcycle Wreck

Nine days ago, I hit a sandy spot on a curve and wrecked my motorcycle.  It’s really considered a motor-scooter, but calling it a motorcycle makes me feel a bit more manly.  As far as those kind of accidents go, I was really fortunate.  The worst of it was the road rash that could be expected for a guy wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and two puncture wounds in my ankle requiring 4 stitches, but no broken bones.  Currently, the abrasions on my arm have healed incredibly well.  You can hardly tell anything happened, with the exception of a couple of cuts on my elbows.  The foot is also doing well, though it can be painful when I am on my feet for too long.  The stitches should come out Sunday.

I am so grateful that Caleb was not with me on this trip.  He comes with my 9/10 times when I go to pick-up Rosie, so this was a blessing!

9 Prayers
Two weeks ago, I presented my contextualized version of Alpha’s “Why did Jesus die?” to our university student home group.  All of these students completed our Alpha course back in the spring, but none openly decided to follow Jesus.  After this session, all 9 prayed an acceptance of Jesus sacrifice and desire to follow Him!  We are excited to continue working with this group as we have seen how God has been working in their lives.  Please pray that we can help them to fully understand the commitment of following Christ as we meet with them weekly.

4 Years
Caleb celebrated his 4th birthday on Saturday!   He had a dinosaur themed party at a local park and everyone had lots of fun.  You can see some of the pictures on our Facebook album.

US Trip
Next summer will mark our first two years in Thailand!  It seems like we just got here!  Generally, we try to return to the US for a couple of months, every two years to visit family, friends, and reconnect with supporters and churches.  We are about to begin actively raising money for that trip, as well as planning our itinerary.  If you are interested in having us share with your church or want to sit down for a cup of tea, let us know.

Thanks for your continued prayer and support!

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