3,000 miles, Delays, & Departures!

May Overview
May was a really busy month for us!  After returning from our trip to Tennessee, Nick was refreshed by the fellowship at a men’s retreat, and we also took part in our church’s Missions Convention.

The next day, we packed up the car and headed out at 4:00 a.m. to make our way towards Kansas City for our friend’s wedding.  It was a wonderful celebration, and we loved connecting with old friends along the way and back, as well as being introduced to some awesome new people as well.  After logging about 3,000 miles on the faithful Chrysler, we arrived back in New York, exhausted, but grateful for the journey.

Well, June was our intended month of departure, but we have a hang-up with two of our passports that is keeping us from getting the one-year visa that we are seeking for Thailand.  Please keep us in prayer as we travel to Connecticut tomorrow to meet with someone from the passport agency, as we seek to expedite the renewal of Nikao and John-Michael’s passports.  If the meeting is favorable, they could renew them within a couple of days.  If not, it could take weeks.  Regardless, we will not be able to make our move until July at the earliest… and I really think (and pray!) that the process will not drag on until August.

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Commitments                       Commitments

Fundraising Update:
With only a few weeks standing between us and our departure date, we need to see some bamboo like growth in our finances!  Please pray about “watering our bamboo” by becoming a monthly/quarterly partner or giving towards our set-up costs. We would love to be fully funded as we head out!
Nick and Rosie

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