A New Life Begins!!

A New Life Begins!!!

Greetings from Chiang Rai!  The morning is still somewhat cool.  Birds chirp, and roosters crow in our village.  The air, which had reached extremely unhealthy levels a couple of weeks ago is not too bad.  There will probably be about 2 more weeks of burning, and then we have our lovely city back to normal.

Isable’s Baptism

Last month, we shared with you how one of our students, Isable had decided to follow Jesus.  We had the joyous privilege of baptizing her this month!  A group of about 20 made our way up to a local creek, and celebrated the occasion, as she was baptized into the Body of Christ.  She shared with us the peace and overwhelming love of God that she felt as the water washed over her.  Praise God for this awesome experience!  If you missed the video, it’s in our Facebook group.

Just One More?

On Sunday, one of the Thai students who attends our home group, “Ball”, responded to the Gospel at the church we attend!  Out of the three regular students still attending our home group, two have now committed to following Jesus.  We are still praying that our remaining student, Laura, is next!  She has seemed to be on the verge for a long-time, so we hope that she commits before we go back home for the summer.

Just the Facts

  • Our friends, Scott and Mindy Wise (and kids) have moved back to the US, for a new season in their lives.  They have been a great help to us in our ministry to the university students, and we will miss their friendship and contributions to the work.
  • A ministry opportunity has recently come up for me (Nick), and I am extremely excited.  I am not ready to share details, because we are trying to discern the Lord’s direction, but please keep us in prayer, as it appears to be a perfect fit, though it’s very early in the process.  “God, help Nick to calm down and think clearly.”  🙂
  • Summer dates:  Currently, we have 13 opportunities to speak/share what we are doing with different congregations.  We are still looking to fill in some Sunday nights and Wednesday mornings, in New York and Tennessee.

Thanks for your continued prayer and support!

The Brackett Family

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  1. Pastor Rich

    Great to read what God is doing – both in you and through you. The devotional reading for the missions committee this month is Romans 15:17-22.

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