Airfare paid, and a new follower!!

Greetings from Chiang Rai!  Our beloved cool season is quickly fading, and temperatures are now hitting 100.  Now, you may be jealous, as many of you are still covered in snow, but we will also be experiencing noxious smoke over the next two months, as the hill tribes burn their fields.  Air quality reaches dangerous levels and sinus problems and stinging eyes become the norm.  I guess the grass is always greener on the other side… unless it is covered in snow.

Airfare Fundraising
As of our last update, we had raised 46% of our airfare.  We are thrilled to announce that you all responded in a big way, and our airfare is now completely paid for!!  January and February have been huge expense months for us, as we had the airfare, 6 month house rent, 1 year truck insurance, and the children’s school to pay off.  All of those expenses will be resolved within the end of the week, and we are so thankful (and relieved) for God’s provision.  Thanks once again to those who prayed for us, and those who have given.  We continue to need funds for our time within the US, but one step at a time…


A New Follower
Last month, one of our students announced her decision to follow Jesus and become a Christian during our home bible study!  Sometimes, progress is gradual, and you are not quite sure where people are at in their spiritual journey, but our friend made a very clear choice on her own to become a Christian after considering it for a long time, and has announced it to her family as well.  We are planning to have a baptism later this month.

Just the Facts

  • We just celebrated Chinese New Year with our Chinese friends.  They spent over 7 hours , preparing a delicious feast.  It was our second year of opening our home and celebrating with the university students.
  • March Focus:  My Thai tutor has to cut back his teaching hours for the next two months, preparing for his own exams, so I am shifting the bulk of my focus towards completing the Alpha contextualization I was working on last year, and message preparations for the United States.
  • We are blessed to have our housing needs taken care of for Knoxville, Tennessee.  That was an area of concern, but John Sevier Baptist Church has graciously offered their missionary designated home for our use.  Thanks!
  • Nikao celebrated his 11th birthday, and Rosie and I celebrated our 12th anniversary.
  • I’m not sure if I mentioned it yet, but January marked 15 years of being a missionary for me (Nick).  No end in sight.

US Summer Dates
Currently, we have 7 speaking engagements set up for our summer trip.  We are looking to fill in some other dates, so if you would be interested in having us share with your church, small group, youth group, home group, or any other group of people, let us know.  It is our joy and privilege to be used by God to encourage and inspire others towards building the Kingdom!

Thanks for your continued prayer and support!

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