Back in Tennessee!

We hope you had a blessed Resurrection Sunday!  We arrived safely in Tennessee Thursday evening, and have already visited our friends at Life Changers International for Good Friday and Life Church for Resurrection Sunday.  It’s been a great three days so far, and we haven’t even had time to unpacked our bags yet!  Thanks to all who prayed for our journey.  There was a dicey moment on an exit ramp, and we immediately thanked God for those of you who were praying for us.

Family Update
March was a busy month for our family as we made our preparations for “The Crazy Season.”  This is the final 2 1/2 months leading up to our departure to Thailand, and it is going to be nearly non-stop traveling, sharing with churches, fundraising and planning.

  • Nikao finished his basketball league and earned honors for the Most Improved Player.
  • Nick finished working at Smithtown Christian School.  He is already missing his co-workers and the children.  One of the children gave him a black eye on his final day, but that is another story.
  • We celebrated John-Michael’s New York Birthday with family and friends.  His real birthday will be on April 7th.

Fundraising Update:
Nick has continued to raise funds for our monthly budget in Thailand, and while the commitments have tapered off a bit, we received fantastic news regarding our set-up costs!  We had not received anything for our estimated $25,750, but recently, we received commitments totaling $10,250!  So that means right now, it’s looking like this:


Monthly                                                    Set-up

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, with some varieties able to sprout up to 39 inches in 24 hours!  With only 2 1/2 short months standing between us and our departure date, we need to see some bamboo like growth in our finances!  Please pray about “watering our bamboo” by becoming a monthly/quarterly partner or giving towards our set-up costs.  We are fully committed to moving in June and need you behind us!

The Rest of the Month: 
April is filled with speaking engagements and meetings.  Below are some of the places we will be sharing.  There are others that are pending.  Please pray for the congregations who will hear our message to be impacted in a positive way, and for us to have a productive visit.  If you happen to live in Knoxville and would like to hear us out, drop us an email and we will provide you details for service times, etc. Also, if you would like to meet up with us before we go, please let us know!

April 3rd, Life Changers International
April 7th, The Crossing Church
April 10th, Riverview Baptist Church
April 14th, Freedom Fellowship Christian Church, Life Church, Community Evangelistic Church, Friendly Chapel Baptist Church

We will wrap up our busy month in Pennsylvania, attending the Fellowship of Christian Assemblies Convention.

In closing, I would like to express to you again how much your prayers and support mean to us.  The Kingdom of God is not built by individuals, but God working through His people to accomplish His purpose, and you have a part to play in that, in whatever place He has placed you.  Rejoice!

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  1. John Ericksen

    Hey Nick,
    It was an absolute pleasure and blessing to have met you at the men’s retreat. May god bless you and your family the same way he has allowed you to be a blessing to those who’s lives you touch.


    • Nick

      Great to meet you too John! Thanks for dropping by the website and leaving your comment. You are the first to actually do that, and I’m hoping we can get a little more action around here, Be blessed!

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