Back into Thai Swing of Things

Greetings from Chiang Rai!  Our entire trip to the United States has come and gone, and was certainly a busy time.  There is so much to get caught up on, but I will be as brief as possible.

US Trip Recap

We had a wonderful time in the US during the summer!  We got to connect with many friends and family, as well as the opportunity to share in 19 church services!  Some highlights:

  • I got the opportunity to teach from Jonah many times, using my full English vocabulary, which was a rare joy.
  • Several churches expressed interest in beginning Alpha after hearing our ministry presentation.
  • A few individuals expressed interest in joining Rosie in teaching at Chiang Rai International Christian School.
  • We were able to “restock” some things we have been waiting to purchase.  Clothes that actually fit, household items, gadgets, etc.

Home Again

We have a lot to accomplish over the next couple of weeks.  Rosie is preparing to teach her class for the school year, Caleb needs to renew his passport, we need to renew visas, and a lot of other things to get caught up on while we have been away.

We will update you with our ministry plans for the next year in a couple of weeks, when the September ministry update is released.  I try to keep our updates brief, and did not want to get into everything else this time, but we are very excited about what is coming up next!

Bangkok Bombing

You may have heard about the recent bombing in Bangkok.  Our family is completely safe, and 12+ hours away from Bangkok.  Please pray for the peace of the nation though.  The Thai’s are very disturbed by this event.  It is a very “non-Thai” act, as the Thai people are quite non-violent as a whole.  It has really shocked the nation.

Thanks for your continued prayer and support!

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