Busy Season!

Greetings from Chiang Rai!  We are in the midst of the rainy season, where your freshly washed clothes manage to get about 85% dry everyday before they are once again drenched in rain.  If it has not rained for a day or two, just do some laundry… it won’t take too long before those clouds roll in.  🙂

New Season for Rosie!

Rosie has begun teaching at Chiang Rai International Christian School (CRICS).  This is an exciting ministry opportunity for her, and allows her to use her training as a teacher.  She teaches kindergarten up until lunch and is really enjoying her time there.Nikao and John-Michael have also enrolled there.  Homeschool became an increasingly difficult thing for us to manage as a family, and so far, being in a traditional classroom environment has been great for both of the kids.

New Home Group
As you may recall, we ran Alpha for a group of international students back in the spring, before they went home for summer break.  Those students have now returned from their home country, and we are continuing to explain the Gospel with them through a series of meetings in our home.  We are grateful for our friends Scott and Mindy who have recently moved here to Chiang Rai, and are helping out in this area.  They have several years experience, ministering in that particular country.

Alpha Contextualization Update
As Rosie is teaching at school, I am at home working on contextualizing Alpha for Thai youth (as well as making sure Caleb stays alive).  Progress is slower than I would like, but steady none-the-less.  There are so many religious and cultural considerations to take into account when presenting the Gospel, and though it’s a challenge, it’s the type of thing I really enjoy, and I have had to stop many times in my preparations to pick up a book for further research.

Currently, I have 5 sessions “complete”, which means there are 10 more to go.  After this, there will be the need to do street interviews and compile those into video clips, and other final draft editing.  Please keep me in prayer as I continue to work though these things.  Below is a sample title slide from Youth Alpha for Thai:

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