February Update

English Corner
As we mentioned last time, we are now volunteering to help teach English to some  university students as a ministry outreach.  That has been going extremely well, with about 12-20 students giving us their undivided attention weekly.  This past week, we invited them to our home for Chinese New Year celebrations, and the students were all grateful to have a home to go to, with this being their first year away from their families.


Youth Alpha to Begin
We’ve been a bit surprised at how open the students are to the Gospel, so after discussing with our YWAM ministry leaders, we have decided to begin running the Youth Alpha Course.  In Malaysia, Nick ran this “Introduction to Christianity” several times in English, and the response was always tremendous amongst the youth.  Beginning next week, the students will be coming to our home for cookies, candles and Christ.  Your prayers are greatly appreciated!  Many of these students are hearing about Jesus for the first time, and are so hungry to learn more.  It’s an exciting time for all of us!

Bike Ride

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  1. Pastor Rich

    Hey, great updates. Thanks for ALWAYS keeping us in your loop. We like it. Pastor Rich

    • Nick

      Thanks for always standing behind us!

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