Happy Songkran, Good Friday, Easter…


We just finished celebrating our first Songkran (Thai New Year) since moving to here, and it was a blast!  Don’t be taken aback by the picture of our children assaulting the riders of the motor-scooter with buckets of water.  For 3 days each year, everyone is fair game, and everyone takes to the streets with trucks filled with buckets of water and ice, water guns, hoses and anything else that can dispel large amounts of water.



In some areas of town, traffic is at a stand still, as the streets are lined with people on the side of the roads, ready to drench anyone…. and everyone.  We celebrated for a couple of days with our neighbors, doing our part to soak the city, and received a few hundred gallons ourselves!

Youth Alpha Weekend Away

In about 8 hours, we are going to load up our truck with the luggage of 12 university students and go up to into the mountains for our scheduled “Weekend Away”.  During this brief retreat, we will have two sessions, sharing about who the Holy Spirit is and His impact on our lives.

When we have had these sessions in the past, it has always been a very powerful time for our students to experience God’s presence.  Most of our group has not yet decided to follow Jesus, so we really ask for your prayer this weekend.  It is our desire that our students encounter God in a powerful, undeniable way.

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