He has taken our sins… down the river?

Greetings from Chiang Rai.  We are now in cool season, which means mid 80’s in the day, and no need for the air-conditioning at night.  During the mornings, it can get cool enough to see your breath, so this is our favorite time of year… nicely fitting in at the same time as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Loi Krathong

Recently, we celebrated Loi Krathong, which is one of the bigger holidays in Thailand.  During this festival, a “crown” is made from the stalk of a banana tree and decorated with colorful flowers.  It is then floated down the river.  Traditionally, this was seen as an offering to the water spirits, or a way to send away your sins, quite similar to the Old Testament practice of using a scapegoat.  Some Christians in Thailand continue with the practice, but have “redeemed” it, by using it as a time to remember that Christ has taken our sins.  We participated in the festival with this mindset.  We also light traditional paper lanterns and send them up into the sky.  It is really beautiful when there are hundreds dotting the horizon.

Many beautiful krathongs, ready to be sold and floated down the river.


Thai Loi Krathong Festival. Locals light candles on small floats and send them down the river. Others light paper lanterns which float into the sky.


Visit to the US
We are planning on returning to the US this summer to attend the Smithtown Gospel Tabernacle Missions Convention, see family and friends, and to visit our supporting churches.  We really hope we can use this time to gain additional monthly financial supporters.  Currently, we are not at a sustainable level financially so please keep us in prayer, that we will be able to make new connections.  If you would be interested in having us share in your church, please let us know.  I will begin to set up appointments soon.  It is always an exciting privilege to share what God is doing and to have the opportunity to inspire others towards the cause of God’s mission!


Airfare Needed!!
Our planned trip is contingent on God providing the needed funds for the airfare!  He has always provided through our faithful supporters in the past, and we trust that He (and you!) will continue to do so.  Currently, the international airfare for our family is a neat and tidy $6,000 total.  The quicker we can purchase tickets, the better.Please consider making a contribution towards our airfare.  If you send a check through our home church, you can get a tax deductible receipt, right before the end of the year 🙂  Otherwise, Paypal contributions are greatly appreciated as well.

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