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Hello friends!  We are now two months into our stay in Thailand, and we really are starting to get adjusted and settled.  I had hoped to do a nice video update this month, but we can never seem to find the time to get it done.  Maybe next month.  As for now, I’ll give you a rundown with some quick bullet points:

  • House:  We are finally in our house!  We’ve been here for about 2 weeks.  It is beautiful and spacious for our family and we are so grateful!  Our landlady sweetly told us, “My house is now your home.”  There is still a problem with a bathtub leaking through the ceiling, but our owner was great with the previous repairs and we think she will take care of this too.  Below is a picture of Rosie with our house owner and her family.

  • Wheels:  We also got ourselves a nice little truck (see top pic) which should give us flexibility to go into the mountains for ministry with the hill tribes.  Many of the people here encouraged me to get a motorcycle to save on fuel costs, for those times when I am the only one who needs to go out.  So now, I am zipping around town on a bike!  Yes mom, I always wear my helmet.
  • Home-school:  Rosie is in full superwoman mode, homeschooling each of our three children.  Our house has a room which we have set aside as a classroom, and she has just begun teaching.  She is also planning to purchase some Montessori materials to use her training for Caleb.
  • Culture and Language (C&L):  Weekly, we meet with other YWAM missionaries as part of our C&L phase.  Recently we visited Ging Gaan to learn about their ministry.  I (Nick) am going to begin language school on Monday, so please pray for me.  Those who have been in this school say it is incredibly overwhelming for the first few weeks.

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