Launching into the New Year!

Happy New Year!
We hope that you are doing well and that those New Year’s resolutions have not been conveniently forgotten already!  Our Creator has built “new beginnings” into so much that he has done.  New day, new week, new month, new year… there is always time to reevaluate, refocus, and redirect our lives if we take advantage of those opportunities.

Holiday Season
Our family really enjoyed the holidays.  A two week break from language school meant more time for the family, and we took advantage of it, going for an elephant ride, a trip up into the mountains, visiting waterfalls, and the Chiang Rai flower festival!  On top of that, the weather has been very cool, dropping down to the low 40’s on some evenings, which has been a nice change.


Ministry Update
Recently, we were asked to participate in “The English Corner”, a weekly coffee shop outreach for university students who want to improve their English.  Many of these students are from China, and we have been told that a lot of them are very open to the Gospel, so this will be an exciting opportunity for our family.  As a side note, the lady who recruited us traces her Christian heritage the the ministry of Hudson Taylor in China, five generations ago!  In addition to this, Rosie is now part of the Sunday School teaching rotation at the church we attend.

Language Update
I (Nick) continue to study Thai, although the process is going to be a long one.  Many of the missionaries say that for the first two years, it is really difficult to pick up the language.  One of the interesting things about learning a foreign language is the amount of mental exhaustion that happens as a result of having to concentrate intensely, just to communicate simple things.  I had a couple of months where I was exhausted most of the time, but my energy levels have picked up recently, so that is a positive development.  Please keep me in prayer.

Family Update
Now that the holidays are over, Rosie is back to homeschooling Nikao and John-Michael.  Please continue to pray for Rosie as she makes this her primary objective for now.  We are looking into hiring a private tutor to supplement my Thai studies, as well as give Rosie an opportunity to learn before she enrolls in language school at some point in the future.Please continue to keep us in prayer in all things.  As always, we appreciate you and value your prayers as we partner together in extending the Kingdom of God in the Kingdom of Thailand.

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