Learning Curve

Learning Curve

Sawadee what?
Greetings friends!  I assume those of you in the US are enjoying cooler weather.  We are transitioning from rainy season into cooler season here in Thailand as well, though temperatures in the day are still in the 80’s.

Last time, I shared about how I was about to begin language school to learn Thai.  I have now been in class for probably around 6 weeks, and seem to be picking it up.  Not only are we learning to speak Thai, but to read as well!  Currently, I am sounding out sentences, though there is still a lot of vocabulary to pick up, as well as those pesky 32 vowels!  Please continue to pray for me as I learn.


(Rosie and John-Michael with an Akha Hill Tribe Lady)

Great Opportunity!
Rosie has developed a great relationship with one of our neighbors, a young Thai lady who comes to our house often.  Rosie has already had several spiritual conversations as well as sharing her own testimony and the Gospel.  She even followed us to church one week!  It’s quite remarkable.  Deep relationships with Thais can take years to develop, but God has opened the door for she and Rosie to really hit it off in no time flat!  Please pray that we would have a positive impact on her and her boyfriend.

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