May 1st Update

Fundraising Update:
Last time, we mentioned how bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants in the world, with some varieties able to sprout up to 39 inches in 24 hours!  With only 6-7 short weeks standing between us and our departure date, we need to see some bamboo like growth in our finances!  Please pray about “watering our bamboo” by becoming a monthly/quarterly partner or giving towards our set-up costs.  We are fully committed to moving in June and need you behind us!

We were blown away by the generosity of our friends and churches in Tennessee.  Look at how much our bamboo has grown!


Monthly                                          Monthly
Commitments                              Commitments
April 1st                                         May 1st


Set-up Costs                               Set-up Costs
April 1st                                        May 1st

Note:  We have revised the goal for our set-up costs to reflect our latest research.
Nick and Rosie

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