New Beginnings

Settling In

So… here is our first update that is actually originating from Thailand!  It is so fantastic to finally be here, knowing that so many of you have supported us through prayer and finances, and continue to stand behind us as we begin this new faith journey!

Our flights and travel to Chiang Rai were blessedly uneventful, and we have spent the last two weeks settling in, and getting to know this quiet, peaceful city.  Currently, we are house sitting for another missionary family who is visiting the US, and it has been nice to have a home to plug into as soon as we arrived.  We have also enjoyed getting to know several of the missionaries who are working here, and have been blessed by their willingness to help us learn the ropes.  Rosie and Nikao had short bouts of sickness, but prayer petitions sent out to our Facebook Group had many praying, and all is well now.

The Next 30 Days:
When we arrived, we were told that incoming missionaries often take 2-3 months to find a suitable vehicle and housing.  I guess living in New York the last two years puts a little more urgency in your step, as we have been able to find a good truck and house in less than two weeks!  There are some hang-ups though, which I would like to ask you to pray for:

  • Rental House:  The place we would like to rent currently has no power, nor electricity.  Unfortunately, you can never tell how long it will take until this is resolved.  We don’t want to sign any contract until some repairs are done on the house, and obviously, it has water and electricity.  As a result, our hands are also tied with getting furniture, since we have no place to put it.  This is priority number 1 for us.
  • Truck:  Due to fun Thai laws, foreigners cannot purchase a vehicle until they have a document showing proof of residence.  (See above point for why this is a problem) We have a deposit on the truck, but that is not necessarily a guarantee that he will not sell it to someone else.  We really like this truck, and got a great deal so we don’t want to see it get away!  Priority number 2.

Other than that, over the next month, we are going to continue to get to know the ministries in the area, and hopefully, get into our house and finish setting it up.  It is so challenging “starting from zero”, and it is hard to believe we did this before in Malaysia.  It didn’t seem this difficult.  Nick is scheduled to being language school in the beginning of September, so that will be a great opportunity.

Please pray for our house and truck situations.  We would really like to resolve those issues quickly so we can move forward!


The Brackett Family

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