Warm Christmas season greetings to all!  November was a blur, and here we find ourselves in December already!

In our last update, we mentioned that we were working on our preparations for Thailand, and that we would have some more information for you soon.  After lots of hard work, we proudly present our new, updated website.   Here you will be able to see the full picture of what we are going to be doing our first year in Thailand, information about the country, pictures, previous updates and more!  Please take the time to visit and have a look around.

Next Six Months:

We have narrowed our departure date down to early June of 2013.  That is just six, short months away.  During our remaining time here in the US, we will be putting a lot of energy into increasing:

  • Monthly financial support commitments:  Currently, our support level is about 1/3 of what in needs to be for us while we are in Thailand and in addition to this, we have to raise around $26,000 for our set-up costs.  You can find out more about our financial needs and how to donate here.  Next week, we will begin to contact friends and ministry partners to ask them to prayerfully consider committing to support us monthly.  Please pray that many hearts would be open to partner with us as we bring the Gospel to Thailand.
  • Awareness:  We will be meeting with different pastors and individuals, sharing our plans for when we move to Thailand.  We hope that many will partner with us as we move forward.  You can help us by forwarding this email to friends who you think may be interested.  Several of you have done that in the past and it has opened up great relationships!
  • Prayer Partners:  We strongly believe in the power of prayer, and as we go, we want an army of prayer warriors to be behind us, upholding us in prayer.  We would like to see at least 100 individuals who commit to pray for us weekly.  Our current prayer needs are listed on our website here.

April Trip to Tennessee:

We plan to take one last trip to Tennessee from March 31 – April 22 to visit our partner churches, raise financial and prayer support and to say goodbye to family members and friends.  If you would be interested in having us share in your church or would like to meet with us, please let us know soon so we can get the dates set.  Our next visit to the US won’t be until 2015 or 2016 so we’d love to see you before we go.

We are also hoping to meet some new pastors and others who may want to partner with us.  Once again, if you know someone who you think would be interested, please help us to connect!

Host homes needed!!!

Also, our previous hosts in Tennessee will most likely not be able to host our family of five this trip, so we are looking for housing in the Knoxville area.  If anyone has any creative ideas, please let us know.

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