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One Year in Thailand
Next week, we celebrate our first year in Thailand!  It seems like we just got here, but in other ways, we feel so at home, that it also feels like we have been here forever!  It’s been a big year for us…lots of challenges with moving and settling a family of five, learning a new language, and cultural adjustments.  But God has done some great things in our lives, and through our family, and we are so excited to continue on this faith journey.

HUGE group of Thai students in our home

Meet Jinling
We’d like to introduce our friend, and partner in ministry, Jinling!  She is from a nearby country, but has been living in Thailand for many years.  Jinling teaches in a local university, and her heart is to reach the students who come from her home country to study, as well as the local Thai students.  The males in her family have been in this type of “work” for several generations, and their christian heritage can be traced all the way back to the ministry of Hudson Taylor!

Jinling not only is our translator during our Alpha sessions, but she has a great gift with connecting with her students.  Recently, she brought OVER 40 Thai students to our home!  It was wonderfully overwhelming, and we look forward to beginning and Alpha group with them this fall.

Jinling, pictured on the right

Short Notes

  • Yesterday, Nick completed language school.  He will continue to work with a tutor 2-3 times per week.  Reading and writing is pretty good, vocabulary is the big challenge moving forward.
  • We took a trip to Laos to renew our visas last month.  Long trip, but no problems.
  • Nick is continuing to develop the Alpha materials for youth in a Thai context.  Two sessions have been completed.  There are about 10 more to go, and then a bit of tweaking here and there.  Hopefully, it will all be done by January.
  • The military coup still has no real affect on us.  They are making things really hard for some people to get and maintain visas to stay in the country, but we have no problem here.
  • We are planning to return to the US for a visit next summer.  Tennessee and New York are our primary destinations, as usual.  If you are interested in having us share with your church, please let us know so we can begin to schedule well in advance.

Thanks for your continued prayer and support!

The Brackett Family

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  1. Pastor Rich

    Great job. Remember, it’s a two-year job you are on right now. Keep on. RC

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