Up in the Air!

Right now we are sitting in a plane, high above the Atlantic Ocean, on our way to Chiang Mai, Thailand!

We are so thankful to all of our supporters who have prayed for us and given towards our trip.  God has provided the FULL AMOUNT that we budgeted for this trip and we are grateful!

During this trip, we will be visiting different ministries in Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the northern region of the country.

  • Nikao and John-Michael are not coming on this trip.  Please pray for them, the family members who will be taking care of them, and for us as we leave our boys for the first extended time.
  • Please pray that God will reveal specific things regarding our future in Thailand.  The three things we would like to hear clearly is, “Where?  What?  When?”
  • Meetings with different ministries and workers.  We have some set up, but we really want to see a lot more.  Please pray that we will meet the right people and that we will be able to maximize our time.
  • Safety during travel.
  • Health (especially against mosquitoes which carry lots of un-fun things)
  • Rest/Energy levels:  We are traveling into Thailand during the hottest time of the year, with temperatures daily over 100 degrees.  This combined with the jet-lag could do a number on us, but we want to hit the ground running so please pray that we will adjust quickly!

Thanks for your prayers and support!  We look forward to updating you with all the great news soon!!

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