Urgent Prayer Request: Visa Extension… Denied.

Dear friends, we would greatly appreciate you standing behind this situation that has just occurred.

Today, we went to extend our visas to remain in the country, based on Rosie’s work permit through the school she teaches at.  Her work permit was scheduled to be renewed next week after the visa extension.  The immigration officer adamantly refused to extend the visas for our family, citing that the school was over the amount of allotted work permits for this year.  Technically, the school is allow to issue 2.8 work permits for the position which Rosie fills.  Two have been issued already, and the immigration officer refuses to round the .8 up to a single visa, even after speaking with the school staff over the phone.

So currently, we have till September 23rd to figure this out.  We need everyone to please pray for God’s provision here.  We are certain that our work here in Thailand is not done, but without a visa, we cannot remain in the country.  We may have to explore other avenues to receive visas, but none of those are certain, aside from enrolling in college.

We know God will provide if we gather together and pray, and we are asking you to join us in this fight.  Prayer for God’s peace on our family would also be appreciated.  I’m not going to lie… I’m stressed, as faith mingles with shock.

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