Work Permit in Hand! Now What?

Work Permit

We are pleased to report that Rosie has received her work permit, and the family has received our one year visa extensions!  Thank you so much for all who prayed for us.  It was a stressful time at first, but we trusted in the Lord, and the school worked hard to come up with a solution.

Ministry Plans

For those of you who heard us share about our ministry plans during the summer, this will be a bit redundant.  However, I’d like to get everyone on board with exactly what we are currently doing, and will be doing for the foreseeable future, since this is the primary form of contact with us for many of you.  In short form:

Rosie:  Enabling through Education

Rosie’s primary ministry is as a kindergarten teacher for Chiang Rai International Christian School.  Her ministry is to the children, who are locals, missionary kids, and others involved in full-time ministry.  Through education, she enables both parents of many of her students to be involved in full-time ministry, as opposed to home-schooling.  The school provides a tremendous service to the missionary community.

She has also just launched the Sunday School ministry for Freedom Worship Church.  This dynamic church was just planted two months ago, but attendance has grown rapidly.  The children are especially hungry for God’s presence and it is a joy to watch them respond to the Lord.

Nick:  Evangelism and Equipping (and Language)

In April, Alpha Thailand invited me to become a trainer for them for the next year.  I will be going to different churches, and training individuals in how to run Alpha.  I could go on and on about Alpha, and how exciting it is to be a part of building this awesome ministry in Thailand, but videos are nice, so here ya go 🙂

In addition to equipping others to do evangelism, we do evangelism ourselves through Alpha.  The next context will be at a local gym.  Freedom Fitness is a non-profit, based ministry, whose profits go towards community development in Northern Thailand.   Currently, I spend evenings in the gym with university students, teaching them how to train, and building relationships with the intention of inviting them to Alpha.  It’s going to be AWESOME to introduce them to who Jesus is and I’m really excited for this next season!!  Of course, I will continue to study Thai… and probably always will!

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