Prayer Partners

A key part of our team is the people who join to pray for us faithfully.  Please be a part of our prayer team, by praying for us regularly.  The collection of words to the left of this text is a neat little tool that can get you started!

I am also including a link below which is a fantastic intercession resource.

“Prayers for Missionaries and their Families” by Heather Kaiser

If you would like to have one of our prayer cards to put on your fridge or in your Bible as a reminder to pray for us, drop us a message and we will mail you one.

Our Facebook group is regularly updated with prayer requests since that is probably the quickest way to get information out there, especially when the prayer need is urgent.  Below, we have some things that we would like to be constantly prayed for.

  • Family:  Many of the missionaries here, or who have been here, have had to deal with hardships within their marriages and within their family.  Quite frankly, it seems to be a persistent issue here from what we have learned from others.  Please pray that our family will remain strong in the midst of our work.
  • Finances:  That we would be fully funded so we will not be hindered in what God has called us to do.
  • Wisdom/Direction:  As we meet with different ministries and encounter different opportunities, please pray that we will hear the voice of God and clearly discern what it is He would like us to do.
  • Language Acquisition:  We would like everyone in our family to become fluent in Thai, and that is a process that can take many years.  Please pray that everyone will embrace this journey of language, and we will all be fast learners.
  • Health:  From disease carrying mosquitoes, to venomous snakes, there are a lot of things that can cause health issues.  Please pray for protection.