The Stirring of the Waters

It is interesting when God begins to speak and direct.  There are times when I feel pretty uncertain about what I am hearing, “Is it just my imagination?” is a common thought.  Usually He speaks through my circumstances, as I have often prayed for Him to do.  Then, sometimes, His voice is unmistakeable.  What is it like?

Most recently, the voice of God has come to me in a small stirring.  Just one drop of water falling into the center of a pond creates a ripple that methodically makes it’s way outward to the banks.  When this happens, most of the pond remains completely unaware of any change in the status quo, but suddenly, the ripples are upon you, and all you can do is respond to… or better yet, become the ebb and flow of the ripple.

My heart has been receiving those stirrings more and more these last few days, as I ponder where I am, as a father, husband, missionary, and follower of Christ.  What I could not see before, was suddenly upon me, like ripples in a pond.  I see the little compromises.  I see where I would like to be, and where I am.  The simple fact of the matter is this;  God has been speaking to me in a simple way and saying,  “Business as usual is not going to cut it anymore.”  He has spoken into my stillness, and stirred the waters.

As I look at my life, I see a future vision of myself and I don’t like what I see. Somehow, I understand that this is about more than myself, it is about the church, and really, about humanity as a whole, so I am sharing what I see here:

I see a man lulled into a semi-catatonic stupor, walking as a mindless form in the midst of mindless forms.  I see the man wanting to speak, but having no voice, wanting to lead, but having no direction.  He has become like those He was seeking to serve, a victim of his own choices.  The compromises came easily at first, but before he knew it, the compromises have  taken a life-like form and climbed upon his chest and have wrapped their fingers around his throat.  Compromise is slowly choking the life giving breath of God, and keeping the man  just alive enough to be living, but not really alive.

What is it that we will become?  What will we choose?  It lies before us every day, not in the big decisions, but the little ones.  Those seemingly innocent compromises that keep us from reaching the fullness of Christ (Eph 4:13).  When every spiritual blessing is ours in Christ, according to Paul (Eph 1:3), how is it that we have become so seduced, so willing to settle?

I’m getting sick and tired of letting pop-culture morph me into it’s image.  Not sick and tired in the way that says, “Let’s boycott, protest, and picket.”, but in a way to where my heart is crying out for the simplicity of Christ’s character, expressed through me.  Not so that I can become a moral judge of others, but so that His love can flow through me, and my life become a beautiful fragrance that calls people to hunger for a better way of life.  Maybe, we can even become the drops of water in someone else’s still pond.  This is a work that only God can do in us, but surely we must have an initial response that opens our hearts for change, and I get the feeling that,  “business as usual is not going to cut it anymore.”

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  1. Matthew

    Some weighty truth. I pray that God will reveal to us those areas where we have compromised and prepare us to surrender to Him, so that we may be more transformed into His image.

    Thanks for sharing!

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