Amazing Thailand

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Thailand is a beautiful nation in South-east Asia known for it’s thriving tourist industry, beautiful beaches and tropical climate.  The “Land of Smiles” is home to friendly and hospitable people who give Thailand it’s famous charm.


68,000,000 (2012 estimate)
45.7% of the population are located in cities, while 54.3% live in rural areas.
Cities have experienced rapid growth as people continue to flock to metropolitan areas for work.


Buddhist 94.6%
Muslim 4.6%
Christian .7%
Other .1%

Buddhism is a powerful force in Thai society. Thais visit the temple ofen, attending festivals, and having their sons blessed. In Thailand, Buddhism has incorporated a mixture of Hindu beliefs and practices, as well as animism, with Theravada Buddhism.  You can read more in depth about Buddhism in Thailand here.


There are four dialects of the Tai-language family:  Central Thai, Northeastern Thai, Northern Thai and Southern Thai.  Central Thai is the official language that is used for education and business.


With over 53% of the population lying in rural areas, agriculture is a huge part of the Thai economy, with rice being the major crop for sale and for personal consumption.  The tourist industry plays a major part in the economy, with millions visiting every year.  Bangkok is the center of most business, education, and religion in the nation.


Thailand is a constitutional monarchy.  King Rama IX has reigned since 9 June 1946, the world’s longest-serving current head of state and the longest-reigning monarch in Thai history.  The King is greatly revered by the people, and any offense to his dignity is punishable by law.


Total Area:  198,000 square miles
Comparison:  Between the size of California & Texas, or twice the size of Oregon.
Bordering Nations:  Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia


Although the duration and extremities of the seasons can vary from one part of the country to the other, Thailand has three seasons:

  • Hot season:  February – May temperatures reach 104°F.
  • Wet season:  June – November temperatures reach 78-98°F
  • Cool season :  December – February 55-91°F